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How long do I need to keep my paystubs?

May 13, 2017

Why should I keep my pay stubs? I don't need to keep them, right? No, not necessarily. You need to keep your financial records for 7 years for the IRS in case you're audited and pay stubs are part of your financial records. Plus when you go to apply for a car loan or apartment you'll need to provide several months worth of pay stubs in order to prove your income. realpay stubs Don't throw out your real pay stubs and then buy fake pay stubs online when you need to verify your income to get your electric turned on or to buy a cell phone. Save your paycheck stubs with the rest of your financial records that you save with your tax records and you'll have them when you need them!

But I threw out my paystubs and now I need a pay stub. What do I do? Use Pay Stub Depot's paystub generator. Especially if you can't go back to your employer to get your pay stub replaced. Our online pay stub generator is fast and easy to use and it creates great looking pay stubs!

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