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May 18, 2017

One thing that I hear from business owners is, "I already have an accounting package. Why should I use Pay Stub Depot to generate check stubs for my employees? I can just pay the company that I buy my accounting package more and use it." You can, but doing that is expensive. Pay Stub Depot's paycheck stubs cost less and they're easy and simple to use.

One of the most popular small business accounting packages charges $25/month plus $5/month per employee to generate pay stubs. Small businesses can use Pay Stub Depot to create paystubs online and keep more money in their pocket every single month, and isn't keeping more of what we earn in our pocket what owning a small business is all about?

Pay Stub Depot's free paystub generator online is a great, cost effecitve solution for all businesses! Try our pay stub generator free of charge, you don't have to pay until you need a pay stub. You'll love how easy it is to create pay stubs for your employees and your employees will love how good their pay stubs look.

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