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December 26, 2021

Pay Stub Depot's paystub maker is the only one on the market that automatically calculates taxes correctly for Federal Income Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and State Taxes! We use The USA Tax Foundation to update our tax rates for all 50 states and Washington D.C.. And we download Publication 15-T from the IRS web site every year for our Federal tax withholding!

Why is this important to me you ask? Because when you buy a real paycheck stub from Pay Stub Depot you need your tax withholdings to be correct! Fake check stubs are easy to spot because they don't calculate tax withholdings properly. No one wants to have their car loan rejected because they bought a cheap paystub! You want to buy the best real paystub on the Internet from Pay Stub Depot! Not only do we make sure that our pay stub generator calculates income taxes properly but our check stubs also look great!

If you use Pay Stub Depot's paystub generator for proof of income for your new apartment you want the apartment manager to trust that our pay stubs are real, don't you? That's why we go the extra mile and spend hours updating our tax withholding calculations every Christmas! We never stop working for you. Even when you're taking a holiday we're working hard to give you the best pay check stub generator on the Internet!

But what about the free ones? Why should you buy a great looking real check stub from Pay Stub Depot instead of getting a free pay stub from a fake pay stub maker? Because you get what you pay for! Those free ones look terrible and they don't calculate everything for you either! You want a real check stub that calculates all of your withholdings for you! You can even download it immediately after you buy it so you don't have to wait for it to be emailed to you.

After you buy a professional pay stub from Pay Stub Depot, we email it to you directly too. Don't forget to check your spam folder for your check stub from Pay Stub Depot, an Innovative Paystub Solutions web site! We appreciate every one of our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and we can't wait to make you another one of our happy customers!

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