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Pay Stub Depot's online pay stub generator includes local taxes

August 4, 2017

Do you live in a city that has local income taxes? I do and when I need a paycheck stub I need it to include my local income tax withholdings in addition to federal and state taxes. When we were building Pay Stub Depot, we realized that none of the online paystub generators included local taxes and we decided that our paycheck stub generator would create real pay stubs that people living in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and many others who pay local income taxes could use.

Pay stub generator with local taxes

How do I generate a pay stub with local taxes you ask? It's easy! Just click here and enter your local tax rate into the pay stub generator as shown above and your local taxes will be calculated for you! It's fast, easy, and only takes a couple of minutes until you have a great looking paystub that you'll be proud of.

Don't use a fake paystub that doesn't include the local taxes that you and I both pay. Use a real paycheck stub that includes local taxes. When only the best will do, the award winning online paycheck stubs from Pay Stub Generator are the best ones in the industry! Try it out today!!

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