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Paycheck stub security is important!

June 9, 2017

Pay check stub security is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. The only document that an identity thief wants more than your real pay stub is your income tax return, although your driver's license is useful to them too.

Identity thieves do what they do for money and there are three common ways that they can get money by stealing your identity. They take out loans in your name, they have organizations such as the IRS which owe you money send the money to them instead of to you, and they take money directly out of your accounts. I'm going to discuss all of these and how identity thieves use them to steal money from their victims. This is going to show you how important it is to protect your real paycheck stub from theft and why my suggestion is that you buy a shredder, shred your real paycheck stubs, and burn the shredded paper. Don't throw your pay stubs out in the trash! You may as well call an identity thief and give him your information if you're going to do that!

All that an identity thief needs to open up a credit card account or another small loan in your name is your name, and your Social Security number. paystub generator It helps if they have your address too, but that's not always necessary. If you look at your pay check stubs, you'll notice that all three of those pieces of information are on there. It's very simple for a thief. They just apply for an account, give the bank an anonymous PO box or an empty house such as one that's for sale as the address address and say that "you" just moved if asked, and a few days later they're borrowing money in your name. As soon as they max out the credit card or withdraw the cash loan, they disappear and a month or two later creditors start calling you asking for repayment on the loan that you don't know anything about. If this has ever happened to you, you know how painful it is! Protect yourself from theives doing this to you by shredding or shredding and burning your real paycheck stubs!

One of the most common ways for identity thieves to steal money from you is by stealing your Social Security Number off of your simple paystub and filing a fake income tax return in your name using your Social Security Number and having your refund mailed to them! Most companies are run by hard working professionals who care enough to at least do some checking such as cross referencing the income claimed against any W-2 forms that are received, but the IRS is a government organization and we all know that that means. The IRS employees don't care, they get their pay checks every week if they work or if they show up an sleep at their desk all day. So they browse the web for porn, sleep, and generally do everything except the jobs that we're paying them to do while they give our hard earned money to identity thieves! Too bad Congress doesn't care enough about how badly millions of American citizens are hurt when government employees are overpaid to not work, but that's the system that we have to live with. For this to work, the thieves don't even need your address! All they need from your simple pay stub is your Social Security Number! That's outrageous, but it's what we have to live with!

Finally, sophisticated identity thieves hack into your bank accounts and transfer money from them into their own accounts, usually passing the money through two or three different accounts in the process before transferring it to a bank in another country where it's lost forever. Fortunatley the identity thieves who do this need a lot more information than just the information on your simple paystub. Unfortunately, the information on your real check stub is useful to them when they're doing this, even though they really don't need it.

This is why you need a company like Pay Stub Depot! Our web site uses high grade encryption, our payments are processed by PayPal, and all of your information is deleted from our system ten days after you make your purchase! We never retain our customer information so your data is safe with us! Buy your pay stubs online from Pay Stub Depot and we'll delete your personal information from our system before an identity thief can steal it!

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