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Who needs pay stubs and why?

April 23, 2017

Everyone needs pay stubs, especially people who are self employed and people who work for tips such as bartenders, bouncers, waiters, and waitresses. Landlords ask for paycheck stubs to verify the income of their prospective tenants. Utilities such as the electric, gas, and water companies ask for paystubs before they will turn on your service. Cell phone companies ask to see your pay stub before selling you a phone. Car finance companies ask for pay checks and utility bills to verify income. Mortgage underwriters remember to ask you for your tax returns and your bank account history when you're buying a home, but no one else is diligent enough to ask for your real financial records, even though those are the best and most accurate ways to verify your income. Almost every company you borrow money from wants to see a paycheck stub to determine if they're going to loan you money.

Pay Stub Depot is your solution! Our quick and easy paystub generator generates real printable paystubs that self employed small business owners can use to prove their income! Use our pay stubs with your tax returns to get the credit that you deserve! Don't forget to preview your pay stubs for free before you buy them!

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