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Why should I use Pay Stub Depot to make pay stubs online?

June 23, 2017

Why should I use Pay Stub Depot to make pay stubs online when there are so many other online paystub makers? There's even one that's free! Why should I pay to create a pay stub online when I can simply use the free one? Because you get what you pay for, that's why! Well, why should I pick Pay Stub Depot instead of one of your many competitors? Because our real check stubs only take a couple of minutes to make, our withholding calculations are correct, and we update our tax tables for the federal government and all 50 states plus several US territories every year!

The free paystub generator doesn't do any calculations for you. I tried it out and in order to use it to create real check stubs you have to:

  1. Download Publication 15 from the IRS's web site
  2. Find the tax rates for your state
  3. Find the tax rates for FICA - Social Security
  4. Find the tax rates for FICA - Medicare
  5. Calculate all of your withholdings by hand
  6. Enter everything into their fake pay stub one item at a time

After you do that they email it to you and it still has their logo on the bottom. Why? Because they're using it as advertising! It's not really a free pay stub, their marketing department is paying for it as part of the company's overall marketing strategy. Only a fly by night company will use a pay stub that has another company's logo on it! Professional companies pay for real pay stubs.

Pay Stub Depot's check stub maker generates real pay stubs because our calculations and tax tables are perfect! You're keeping all of your pay stubs for 7 years with the rest of your tax documents, aren't you?online pay stub I thought so. Go pull up one of your old paychcek stubs and enter the information from it into Pay Stub Depot's pay stub maker, including the dates, and compare the numbers on our pay stub to your pay stub from your job. They match, don't they? Now do the same thing with several other web sites that generate fake pay stubs online. Their numbers don't match your paycheck stub from your job, do they? We put in the hard work of calculating your deductions on your pay stub for you and keeping them accurate so that you can make check stubs online with Pay Stub Depot and trust that your employees will have accurate paychecks and the IRS won't fine you for withholding the wrong amount of money from your employees.

Anyone can make fake pay stubs. Pay Stub Depot makes real pay stubs quickly and easily. Our reputation depends on us doing our job so that you can do your job of running your business!

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